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The Minds Behind Our Success

At The Swaney Group, our strength lies in our people. Composed of industry veterans, transformative leaders, and innovative thinkers, our team is dedicated to driving the strategic transformation of each asset we manage. With diverse backgrounds in industrial operations, finance, and management, our team members bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to every investment.

Our team’s expertise spans across various sectors within the industrials domain, equipped with deep operational insights and a proven track record of enhancing value. From executing complex turnarounds to fostering sustainable growth strategies, our leaders are adept at navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative culture that encourages innovative thinking and shared success. Our leadership fosters an environment where open communication and strategic collaboration are at the forefront, ensuring that every team member can contribute to their fullest potential.

ABout paul w. swaney III

Paul brings extensive experience in private equity and operations management, beginning with a foundation in nuclear submarine operations and maintenance, and progressing through roles at Amazon and ConocoPhillips to significant leadership positions in private equity. Since founding Swaney Group Capital, Paul has led the firm to remarkable success, overseeing substantial private equity and private debt investments, and playing a pivotal role on several investment committees. 

He believes that “achieving excellence in private equity requires not just strategic acumen but also a commitment to operational transformation.” 

His key achievements include directing successful exits with exceptional multipliers, such as a notable pharmaceutical manufacturing exit at 4.5x, and spearheading diverse investments across sectors, demonstrating robust growth and investment acumen.


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Robert H. Plante III

Chief Operating Officer

Bo’s leadership foundation was built in the US Marine Corps and Army Special Forces, where he developed expertise in complex environments. His military background is complemented by significant corporate experience in transformation and restructuring. As COO of The Swaney Group, Bo leads operational strategies, managing portfolio companies and spearheading post-merger integrations. He believes “the rigor and discipline of military service combined with strategic business transformation can significantly amplify operational excellence.” Key achievements include leading integration projects resulting in substantial cost reductions and efficiency improvements, and overseeing due diligence and value creation plans that led to significant EBITDA margin increases.

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James B. waid

Transformation Director

A former Corporate and Institutional Banking Associate at PNC specializing in financial restructuring and operational improvements, he now leads financial restructuring projects at The Swaney Group. He has developed risk management frameworks and optimized financial operations, significantly enhancing profitability and stability across portfolio companies.

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Richard "Trey" Fischer

Transformation Director

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Ben Novello

Transformation Director

An ex-Captain in the US Army specializing in operational leadership and supply chain optimization, he now manages projects focused on improving workflows and reducing costs at The Swaney Group. He led the redesign of supply chain processes for a major industrial client, achieving a 20% cost reduction and notable improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Corey mulvy

Transformation Director

An ex US Army. Specialized in operational leadership and supply chain optimization. Manages complex projects aimed at improving operational workflows and reducing costs through strategic supply chain enhancements.
Key Contributions: Led the redesign of supply chain processes for a major industrial client, achieving a 20% cost reduction and notable improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction.