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Swaney Group Capital

Driving Transformation in Industrial Investments.

Harnessing deep operational expertise for superior returns.

Empowering Industrial Innovation

Pioneering transformational strategies for sustainable growth

At The Swaney Group, we are committed to reshaping the industrial sector by leveraging deep operational expertise and a strategic investment approach. Our mission is to drive substantial, sustainable growth for our portfolio companies and deliver exceptional returns to our investors.

Utilizing our proprietary Swaney Group Operating System (SGOS), we implement comprehensive transformation strategies that go beyond conventional investment. Our focus on operational excellence and industry-specific challenges allows us to unlock value where others see complexity.

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Core Values

Strategic Investment Process

Systematic excellence from sourcing to growth

Our investment process is crafted to pinpoint opportunities where we can exert significant operational control and effect transformational change. By focusing on industrials with high potential for operational improvements, we harness inefficiencies to drive robust value creation.

Process Steps


We begin with rigorous sourcing, leveraging our deep industry connections and analytical capabilities to identify assets that fit our stringent investment criteria.

Investment Decision

Our investment committee collaborates closely with industry experts to evaluate each opportunity, ensuring alignment with our strategic objectives and potential for substantial EBITDA growth.

Value Creation

Post-acquisition, we deploy our Swaney Group Operating System (SGOS) to implement strategic initiatives that drive operational efficiency, innovation, and market expansion.

Ongoing Management

Our team remains deeply involved through continuous monitoring and support, ensuring each asset achieves its full potential and aligns with our long-term investment goals.

Swaney Group Operating System

Optimizing Performance with SGOS

Our proprietary Swaney Group Operating System (SGOS) is at the heart of our operational transformation strategy. Designed to enhance asset performance systematically, SGOS integrates advanced management processes, technical systems, leadership behaviors, and organizational culture.

Key Components of SGOS

By deploying SGOS across our portfolio, we ensure that each investment achieves its highest potential through enhanced management practices, optimized operations, and strategic growth initiatives.

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Meet Our Experts

A Team Driven by Excellence and Innovation


At The Swaney Group, our strength lies in our people. Composed of industry veterans, transformative leaders, and innovative thinkers, our team is dedicated to driving the strategic transformation of each asset we manage. With diverse backgrounds in industrial operations, finance, and management, our team members bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to every investment.

Our team’s expertise spans across various sectors within the industrials domain, equipped with deep operational insights and a proven track record of enhancing value. From executing complex turnarounds to fostering sustainable growth strategies, our leaders are adept at navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative culture that encourages innovative thinking and shared success. Our leadership fosters an environment where open communication and strategic collaboration are at the forefront, ensuring that every team member can contribute to their fullest potential.

Lever Up Initiative

Empowering Entrepreneurs, Building Legacies

The Lever Up Initiative is our flagship program designed to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. By focusing on the fundamentals of inorganic growth and entrepreneurship, we provide the tools, resources, and guidance necessary for aspiring business owners to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Our goal is to demystify the process of business ownership and make entrepreneurship more accessible. The Lever Up Initiative equips participants with strategic insights and practical knowledge, helping them to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities effectively.

Beyond just business, the Lever Up Initiative is about creating a supportive community where entrepreneurs can connect, share experiences, and grow together. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events, we foster an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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Latest Insights and Updates

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